OWP Engines

Replacement Engines 1200 series

The 1200 Series industrial and electric power engines are built to run continuously in any environmental conditions. Equipped with the latest technology, they offer reduced complexity and costs, while also allowing for downsizing and increased productivity. The 1200J models comply with EU Stage V and U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final emission standards.

The Perkins® 1206J, the 6-cylinder variant of the 1200 Series, provides a comprehensive power solution that adheres to the latest emission standards and enhances OEM profitability. The 1206J-E70TTA enables OEMs to downsize from larger, more intricate engines and potentially cut installation costs by up to 30%, depending on the application. Engine-mounted aftertreatment options offer a single plug-and-play unit, reducing development efforts.

In the event that your Service Replacement Perkins engine arrives without the core return tag, click on the link to download and print a tag. Fill out the tag and securely attach it to the engine core before shipping.

Download SRE Core Tag

New Replacement IOPU

Perkins replacement Industrial Open Power Units are engineered to be a plug-and-play solution for your equipment. All are available with multiple build configurations to match your power needs, and are built with an innovative design that decreases both integration downtime and application engineering costs. The advanced common-rail and mechanical fuel system technology in these engines delivers high power density and excellent fuel economy.

202-300 HP
EmissionsEPA Tier 4

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