Extended Coverage

Perkins Platinum Protection

Every Perkins engine is built to last

Each engine comes with a standard warranty. However, you may want to extend the coverage period of your engine. Perkins Platinum Protection offers you the opportunity to extend the standard coverage beyond the warranty period, for up to 10 years and 12,000 hours*. Platinum Protection must be purchased for your engine before the factory warranty expires.

Excellent value for a low cost – extend your coverage for as little as five percent of the original engine cost

*Dependent on model, not all engines qualify for this level of extended coverage

Flexible Packages

Choose the package that suits your engine and get ready to enjoy the benefits:

Cost effective, comprehensive coverage on up to 100% of your engine components

Flexible coverage options – up to 10 years and 12,000 hours*

No additional charges for operating in harsh environments

Access to, and support from our highly trained, experienced, and certified service technicians

Genuine parts that have been rated and tested specifically for your engine

100% protection against unexpected repair costs

Transfer coverage to a new owner, adding value to the engine if you decide to sell

Available for purchase at any time within your standard warranty period

No excess to pay – coverage identical to your standard warranty

Owning- And Operating

Your Perkins® engine Has Never Been Easier or More Cost-effective!

Simplify engine ownership and avoid costly repairs or unplanned downtime through prompt, reliable service and the use of genuine parts designed for your Perkins engine. Perkins® Hypercare is a comprehensive and customizable engine support package designed to provide solutions for today’s immediate needs while also evolving to meet future maintenance and service requirements.

Hypercare is a long-term agreement between distributors and customers that covers parts and services, as well as comprehensive repair and maintenance plans. Agreements are customized with Perkins® experts to enable a proactive and structured approach to engine ownership.

Our expert technicians will assist in creating a proactive support agreement tailored to meet your specific needs, with the ultimate goal of ensuring a worry-free engine ownership experience for every customer.

Hypercare Puts Your Engine in Perfect Hands

  • A comprehensive package of lifecycle services tailored to your engine’s needs.
  • Proactive engine services and support that evolves over the lifetime of your engine.
  • A Perkins engine expert will help you identify the right combination of parts and services.
  • Support maximum uptime and engine value at predictable costs.
  • Services range from routine maintenance and parts delivery to engine reman/overhaul.

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