OWP Engines

OEM Solutions

Monarch Power Supply goes above and beyond to support your equipment manufacturing business.

When looking for a network for your OEM solutions, reliability, dependability and peace of mind is only one click away. As a master distributor for multiple power solutions across the Western United States, Monarch Power Supply is trusted by OEMs. We pride ourselves on offering attentive service and our 26+ years of powering top OEMs speak to our commitment of going above and beyond. We are proud to have built strong and long lasting relationships with our Original Equipment Manufacturers. Let’s work together to develop an engine program that fits your needs.

Inside our Facility

First Fit Pilot Center

Our team will pilot-test integration of a new engine model into your equipment, ensuring smooth onboarding to your production line.


We offer 3D engineering support and application engineering to help you get the most from your engine.


We offer onsite audit and validation testing to verify your customers’ performance needs are met and identify any issues.

Complete Solutions

We don’t just supply engines, we also offer radiators, control panels, throttles, drive couplings and aftermarket parts.