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How Tier 4 Final Emissions Standards Can Benefit Your Rental Business

The arrival of Tier 4 Final EPA emissions requirements for lower horsepower diesel engines means that many rental fleets and their customers must prepare for the effects it will have on their rental equipment and day-to-day operations. This may seem like a daunting challenge as rental yards must eventually transition their entire fleet and prep their service departments for additional requirements that come with DEF and other T4F engine needs. But this progression offers rental businesses amazing opportunities to provide superior service to their clients. Here’s a few ways that Tier 4 Final engine transition will benefit your business:

Customers will be using Tier 4 Final engines sooner than you think

As national customers begin taking on large infrastructure projects, many times local and national governmental agencies will provide grants and financial assistance that is contingent on the use of Tier 4 Final engines in all onsite equipment. By integrating Tier 4 Final engines, rental fleet operators can be better equipped to provide the machinery that these national clients need and require to complete their projects.


Minimized downtime, extended service intervals and a lifetime of reduced cost

With advanced technology comes the need for more advanced maintenance. New Tier 4 Final engines require DEF tank refills, which requires DEF fluid that is properly contained at precise temperatures for certain amounts of time. But with this extra maintenance comes the added value of Perkins technologies. Perkins engines are developed to minimize downtime and provide extended service intervals which continue to offer excellent uptime for rental fleet operators and a lifetime of low-cost rental operation.


Superior engine knowledge means a competitive advantage for your rental business

With the proper training in Tier 4 Final engines, you’ll have insider knowledge of a technology that will soon be adopted nationwide. By training your rental fleet customers on the proper operation of Tier 4 Final-powered equipment, you can avoid costly operation errors and expensive repairs that late adopters will surely experience in their scramble to update to EPA emissions requirements. As an early adopter with training and expertise on the operation of these engines, you are your customer’s number one resource, and a wealth of knowledge they can rely on for their rental power needs.