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Syncro Engines Give Customers Non-DPF Option

Our industrial engine team is seeing a growing shift from customers and OEMs looking for products that don’t use diesel particulate filters (DPF). Instead, they are turning to engines like the Perkins Syncro line and particularly the 1.7-liter and 2.2-liter DOC versions that are Tier 4 Final.

The engines are specifically designed for industrial and construction machines that work in tough conditions and perform especially well in dirty environments. The Syncro engines, which have been recently updated, provide increased torque and power, while operating much quieter than previous versions.

“Perkins used hundreds of hours of field validation information from a variety of machines working in diverse conditions to design the new Syncro engines,” said Andy Machin, Vice President of Industrial Engines at Perkins Pacific. “Our customers are finding this engine line to be extremely compatible for their machines.”

Engine Evolution

The first 1.7-liter and 2.2-liter Syncro engines were introduced in 2014 as common rail, direct injection versions that were outfitted with DOC aftertreatment to meet Tier 4 Final emission standards. Last year, the engines were upgraded to feature more power and torque.

Improved Performance

Perkins is continuing the evolution of the 1.7-liter, three-cylinder 403J-E17T and the 2.2-liter, four-cylinder 404f-E. The 1.7-liter model produces 25 hp while the 2.2-liter cranks out 48.8 hp. Both engines now produce up to 34 percent more torque and 17 percent more power.

The increased performance doesn’t translate to higher fuel costs. Fuel consumption is actually less, a 5 percent reduction for the 2.2-liter option.

Easy Installation

The compact size of the engines has allowed Perkins to offer hundreds of configurations to make installation easy with a wide range of OEM products.

The DOC is the same length as the DOC+DPF version to retain hook up location. This again makes it extremely compatible with OEMs. By being slightly longer than the current product, the DOC helps increase torque and power.

Preventative Maintenance

Key to keeping your Perkins engine operating at its peal level is adhering to a preventative maintenance schedule. Perkins helps achieve that goal by placing all service points like oil and fuel filters on the cool side of the engine.

Wide Service Coverage

Our experience with both engines is a valuable asset to your operation. Not only are we capable of helping engineer the engine to best fit your needs, our extensive dealer network is there for the lifetime of your engine.

We continually provide technicians at our dealers with factory training to ensure they are kept abreast of the latest changes and best practices for servicing Perkins engines.