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Syncro Engine Line Ideal Fit for Agriculture Machines

Next month we travel to Tulare, California, for the annual World Ag Expo, considered to be one of the largest trade shows of its kind. Situated in the heart of California’s ag-centric Central Valley, it’s the perfect place to showcase the versatility and power range of Perkins engines that can power a variety of ag machines.

Trade show attendees should be especially interested in the Syncro line of engines. The updated product line gives OEMs and others an engine that is smaller than previous versions, but still capable of delivering plenty of power.

“The spec list of the Syncro engine line is seemingly endless,” said Andy Machin, VP of our Industrial Division. “Perhaps its greatest attribute is the versatility it gives our design team in being able to create an ideal application for customers.”

Long History

Perkins boasts more than 85 years of experience in the agriculture industry. This longevity gives engineers a deep understanding of not only what customers need from the engine, but the conditions in which it will work.

A tight turning radius, limited sightline and the terrain are just a few of the considerations that need to be accounted for in the design process.

Updated Versions

The 400 Series Syncro line ranges from 1.7 liters to 3.6 liters and a power output of 48 to 134 hp. The engines are Tier 4 Final rated thanks to the DOC system that is easily installed.

The high power output doesn’t come with an equally high cost at the pump. Each engine is optimized for low fuel consumption.

Field Tested

Perkins utilizes an extensive validation process to guarantee customers will see the types of performance they expect. The engine line underwent more than 20,000 hours of tested validation under the harshest of conditions. The predictive engineering is backed up with the most physical field test program in the industry.

The result of this background work is a longer maintenance interval. By extending maintenance checks to 500 hours operators get lower operating costs and more uptime for their machines.

Guaranteed Performance

Perkins backs up its rigorous testing protocol with a two-year or 3,000-hour warranty. Our extensive and experienced dealer network is available to service and maintain your Synrco engine. Stop by our booth and we can talk more about how a Syncro engine can help your business.