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Storied Air Compressor Company, Sullair, Selects Perkins Engines to Expand Market

Sullair, with more than 50 years of experience leading the air compressor market, recently selected Perkins engines to power a wide range of its products. Perkins got the nod because of several factors that include a close match between the power nodes of the engine and air compressor models.

The new alignment allows Sullair to reach customers across the U.S. in specific industries as well as the rental market.

The extensive service and parts network, which includes the vast trusted dealer network that Perkins Pacific has established, was an attractive element of the deal, said Navendu Sharma, Sullair’s senior project manager for portables. Perkins dealers coupled with Sullair’s distributors ensure that customers can quickly and easily maintain and keep their equipment running.

Matching Philosophy

Sullair was founded in Michigan City, Indiana, and quickly became a leader in the compressed air industry. The company was one of the first to execute rotary screw technology and built a reputation for creating durable machines.

Perkins is known for designing and engineering reliable diesel engines and that aligns with Sullair’s brand promise of durability, reliability and performance.

The compact size and multiple installation options for Perkins engines allow Sullair to fit the engines into machines designed for road construction, drilling, media and dry ice blasting, plant backup air and gas pipeline testing.

Multiple Use Machine

The 375-cfm model is powered by a Perkins 1204F-E44 and produces up to 200 psi, giving it a wide range of uses. At the lower end, up to 100 psi, the 375 is a great fit for the following industries:

  • Building trades requiring the use of pneumatic tools
  • Construction contractors handling demolition, cleaning, air hoists, rock drilling, pile driving, foundation drilling, concrete pouring or pool deck resurfacing
  • Utility contractors who need tools for clay and trench diggers, cable blowers and pipeline cleaning and testing
  • Agricultural companies that provide irrigation blowout or cleaning
  • Landscaping companies that provide sprinkler blowout
  • General building and road construction for highway bridges, dams and concrete pouring

At the upper end of the range, the 375 can handle well drilling, media blasting, heavy construction, and pipeline, utility or communications lines.

Going Big

The Perkins 2506J engine is also being utilized in Sullair’s 900XHH/1150XH and 1600H units. The 900/1150 produces air pressures of 500 psi at 900 cfm and 350 psi at 1150 cfm. The 1660H produces between 80 and 150 psi. The machines are appealing to operators in heavy construction, oil refineries and port facilities.

The applications for the 900/1150 and 1600 could include large surface painting or media blasting for bridges or ships, offshore rig maintenance and repair, flaring and decommissioning. Applications could include large surface painting or media blasting for bridges or ships; offshore rig maintenance and repair, flaring and decommissioning; nitrogen generation to inert oil storage facilities and oil tankers; or irrigation blowout for golf courses or large commercial properties.

In addition, a 900/1150 combo compressor allows users to keep the same machine throughout the entire drilling process in oil and gas applications. For instance, 350 psi would be used for faster drilling at the start of the drilling process when a great deal of pressure is not required. As the drilling goes deeper, and a need for higher pressure is realized, the 500 psi would then be used. This machine eliminates a work stoppage and the need to swap out the machine to one producing higher pressure.