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Steps to Reading Model Names

Steps to Reading Perkins Engines Model names

The series of numbers and letters on your Perkins engine might seem like gibberish, but really contain critical information that can help us and you in maintaining your engine’s performance. The engine number will help us confirm the engine family, number of cylinders and other related information. By understanding this code, you can assist us in getting you the help you need as quick as possible.

Before you call us or anyone in our expansive dealer network, make sure you jot down the engine number and have it ready. To understand what you’re reading, we’ll break it down for you. Here’s what your engine number says:

  • The first two digits designate the engine family
  • The third and fourth digits designate the number of cylinders
  • The fifth digit notes the EPA rating
  • The E after the hyphen indicates it has electronic fuel injection. If there was no letter, it would have a mechanical injector
  • The next two digits give you the engine capacity in deciliters
  • The next letter gives the type of aspiration. (T=Turbocharged | A=Air-to-Air Charge-cooled | W=Water-to-Air Charge-Cooled | No letter=Naturally Aspirated
  • The G in brackets gives the engine’s generator set rating

You’re now conversant in engine identification.