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Reman for Rental Part 3: Increased Resale Value

When the life of your equipment is coming to an end, gaining additional value from it by reselling can be an excellent source of revenue. Repowered equipment is worth more, and equipment with a reman engine offers potential customers performance upgrades and newer features that are standard on newly-remanufactured engines.

Reman engines also make it easier to resell equipment in less regulated overseas countries. If equipment is repowered with a new Tier 4 Final engine, it faces two big challenges for resale outside the US: serviceability and fuel availability.

The lack of established service programs for the new technology makes supporting the product difficult. Many lesser regulated countries also don’t have high availability for ultra-low sulphur diesel fuel, which is required by Tier 4 Final engines to operate effectively. Without it, the diesel particulate filter can clog rapidly and cause significant operation issues. These factors effectively limit resale for Tier 4-powered equipment to within the borders of the U.S.

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