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Reman for Rental Part 1: Lower Cost

When rental equipment is nearing the end of its useful life, you may be left with a difficult choice of whether to replace your existing engine with a brand new, more expensive engine or seek an alternative option. Many equipment rental companies are now taking advantage of engine remanufacturing to repower their fleets. In the first part of our four-part Reman for Rental series, we’ll take a closer look at the financial advantage that reman engines can have for your rental fleet.

Managing rental fleets is no easy task. It requires extensive time and effort, as well as significant financial resources. Upgrading equipment can mean a sizable investment, and is a big concern for most rental businesses. There are a number of alternative options to new engine integration that can help rental fleet managers save on costs – one of which is repowering equipment with a remanufactured engine.

Remanufactured engines can cost up to 50 percent less than new Tier 4 engines. Repowering your existing equipment can extend the life of the system for up to seven years – doubling the years of service your customers will receive from a particular piece of equipment. It also saves on costs to train your in-house customer support and service teams to properly support the new Tier 4 Final-rated equipment.

In addition to the initial purchase, maintenance for new tier 4 models can be costly as newer models require more complex service, and frequent fluid and DEF changes, which adds up over time.

Bottom line: repowering with reman engines saves your rental business on overall cost, as well as lifecycle costs

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