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Protect Your Perkins Investment With Extended Protection

The investment in your Perkins engine is a significant one for your machine and business. That’s why the factory warranty coverage of a Perkins engine averages two years and 3,000 hours.

You now have the option to extend that coverage with Perkins’ Platinum Protection. This isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, but a comprehensive offering that allows engine owners to create custom-designed coverage for as long as 10 years and 15,000 hours for some models.

“The Platinum Protection coverage gives you that extra peace of mind that if anything out of the ordinary were to happen to your engine, Perkins has you covered,” said Kelly Grencer, the Senior Director for Perkins Pacific’s Aftersales Division.

Regular Maintenance

Adhering to a regular maintenance schedule with your Perkins engine is still your best safeguard against costly repairs and lengthy downtime. Relying on visual or auditory cues is a poor way to determine how your engine is running. An engine can lose 20 percent of its performance standards before an operator can detect the change.

Maintenance intervals depend on numerous variables that include engine type, operating conditions and run time. The trained technicians within our trusted dealer network can help keep your engine on a regular maintenance schedule.

The Benefits

Platinum Protection bolsters your maintenance schedule by guarding against unforeseen problems. The Perkins plan lets you select a package that best suits your needs. Once you’ve configured your plan you’ll enjoy benefits like these:

  • Cost-effective, comprehensive cover on up to 100 percent of engine components
  • Options of up to 10 years and 15,000 hours (dependent on the model)
  • Transfer cover to a new owner, adding value to the engine if you decide to sell
  • Access to, and support from, the Perkins global network of fully trained certified technicians
  • Genuine parts that have been rated and tested specifically for your engine
  • No excess to pay – cover identical to your standard warranty*

What Customers Experience

One customer whose engine needed to be replaced paid about 40 percent of the cost for a new engine. The availability of parts also saved the owner three days of downtime.

Another Perkins owner needed extensive repairs after smoke poured from the engine. It also made unexplained noise. The repair cost was estimated at $6,700, but because of Platinum Protection, the customer paid nothing.

Design Time

To create your Platinum Protection plan, contact us or any of the trusted dealers within our network. Our engine experts will be able to help you select the options that best suit the needs of your engine and business.

*Terms and conditions apply