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New Orchard Tractor All Systems Go Thanks to Perkins Pacific Partnership

The latest model of Porter ETUV’s Orchard Boss tractor features a 125 hp Perkins 1100 Series engine package designed in conjunction with Porter to achieve the specific performance needed by growers. This gives the new tractor very quiet and reliable performance with great fuel economy.

This model, the second-generation Orchard Boss, offers a purpose-built, low profile design for a wide variety of uses such as spraying, sweeping, and mowing in the tight operating environments found in most orchards. With a height of 67 inches, this highly specialized tractor has the power to easily pull and operate numerous attachments for use in orchard harvesting and maintenance, but with minimum impact to low branches. It also provides carbon filtration in the cab for operator comfort and safety.

OEM Partnerships Are Key

Over the past five years, Perkins Pacific worked closely with Porter on application engineering and the design of the power system. Perkins Pacific’s application engineers and sales team worked directly with Porter to meet emissions requirements, operating targets, and temperature goals.

“Our team works closely with OEMs, from design through production, to provide creative solutions to their equipment power system needs. This allows us to help OEMs improve performance and emissions outcomes for their equipment.” – Andy Machin, vice president of Perkins Pacific

Perkins Pacific then worked with Porter for onsite testing and adoption of the engine, evaluating its performance prior to production to ensure the Orchard Boss exceeds operating needs.

“Working with Perkins Pacific has been a great experience. We are proud to have Perkins Pacific as our engine provider. When others said “no,” Perkins Pacific stepped up and provided us with a great engine for our needs. Since then, our relationship has grown into a great team and I look forward to a promising future.” – Jason Misner, Principal of Porter ETUV


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