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Perkins Training Benefits Technicians and Dealers

The rapid evolution of technology is a constant across fields and a primary reason we are dedicated to keeping our technicians and the technicians within our trusted network of dealers updated on the latest news pertaining to Perkins engines.

That’s why we conduct a variety of training classes throughout the year. The classes range from the basics of diesel engines to more advanced topics like diagnostics for the newest Perkins engines and troubleshooting Tier IV Final engines.

“Our customers expect us to be the experts on repairing their Perkins engines,” said Barry Fitzthum, our Application and OEM Support Manager. “The only way to do that is stay updated on the latest products and service protocols and to pass that knowledge along to the techs.”

Training the Trainers

The backbone of our training program is the team of instructors who have decades of experience in the field. They, however, aren’t resting on their laurels.

Our trainers make annual trips to the Perkin factory to learn about new engines, maintenance schedules and service techniques. This connection to Perkins gives our technicians and the technicians within our dealer network a direct pipeline to the engineers designing Perkins engines.

The Courses

Perkins has designed and provided the material for each class we hold at our state-of-the-art training facility in Ridgefield, Washington. We limit each course to a small group of technicians to ensure a low teacher to student ratio. This factor becomes most important in the engine systems troubleshooting in the lab setting.

Our classes incorporate classroom training with hands-on component troubleshooting on fully functioning engines.

On the Road

More recently, we’ve started holding training classes at our facility in Oklahoma City to reach a growing list of dealers in Texas and the surrounding region. The move was designed to help centralize training for a large group of dealers in the Texas area.

The Payoff

Our training staff understands the difficulty some dealers have in sending technicians to our classes. Those bodies not in the shop aren’t bringing in revenue. But we feel the investment in training technicians pays off in the long run.

Perkins engine owners need to rely on certified shops and technicians in order to get warranty and service work completed. Our training ensures your shop can get and maintain that critical certification.

We view it as our job and responsibility to keep the technicians not only in our facility, but within our dealer network updated on the latest maintenance standards and knowledge of Perkins products.