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Perkins Pacific First Fit Pilot Center Helps OEMs Create Exceptional Products

Perkins Pacific First Fit Pilot Center testing

Original Equipment Manufacturers, or OEMs, have a lot on their plate. They are often juggling the design, development and construction of entire complex, sophisticated machines while running a business, which also involves assembly and production, supervising staff, product packaging and positioning, logistics and shipping, and marketing of their products. The genesis of Perkins Pacific First Fit Pilot Center was to support OEMs who want to make outstanding products and could use a technical assist to ensure their engine and power systems integrate well with their equipment, that the right engine has a quality installation, and it provides the desired performance.

Proof Testing by Experts

The highly trained and skilled team of engineers, project managers and sales staff at Perkins Pacific have a broader scope than simply helping customers select engines. Our team helps integrate Perkins engines into OEM equipment by performing machine and equipment audits and testing to “prove off” a given type of design or application. Perkins defines these procedures in their publications as “Application and Installation Test Procedures” and “Mechanical Field Test Procedures.” These test procedures were created to provide instructions for performing a series of qualifying tests on a given engine system for a specific application.

These types of tests can include:

  • Air Inlet Restriction
  • Air Charge Cooler Efficiency
  • Coolant Fill Rate
  • Starter Circuit Resistance
  • Installed Cold Start
  • Alternator Load Balance
  • Fuel Restriction

To pass, the machine or equipment must meet or exceed the acceptance criteria for each of these, and many other, critical and applicable tests.

Perkins Pacific First Fit Pilot Center testingAfter all pertinent testing is completed and the data is analyzed, a determination will be made whether the machine or equipment passes or fails. If It passes, it is signed off and approved. But, if deficiencies are found, an assessment and possibly a re-design of components is completed, and re-testing is performed as necessary until the equipment can pass.

In addition to testing, Perkins Pacific offers 3D engineering support and application engineering during the design process. Complete engine package solutions are also available, which can include radiators, control panels, throttles, drive couplings and aftermarket parts.

Long-term Returns

The purpose of our extensive knowledge and testing is ultimately, and happily, beneficial for OEMs. Without the need to invest in in-house experts, engineering and testing equipment, equipment makers can benefit by reducing time to market while also reducing risk of ongoing or future problems; increasing performance, and ultimately increasing their own profitability, customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Nothing increases our own company satisfaction more than when our joint efforts with OEMs result in a product that surprises and delights end users, whether by value, usefulness, innovation, environmental benefits, or all of the above.

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