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Perkins Pacific Aftersales Strategy Gets Boost From Perkins

Perkins has undertaken a significant investment in its aftersales offerings to give engine owners more choices and greater value at each stage of an engine’s life cycle. The increase in aftersales solutions are designed to maximize the uptime of your engine.

“We’re investing across our full range of parts and service to ensure we’re supporting customers in everything we do,” said Siobahn Scott, Perkins’ marketing manager. “By providing more choice, better value and better availability, we can help you enhance the return on your investment and ensure your machines run dependably and efficiently for many years.”

The move by Perkins dovetails with our own aftersales strategy where we focus on supporting customers with warranty management, channel development and increasing the technical capabilities of our dealers within our network.

“Our goal is to give customers unmatched support, value and partnership by utilizing our Total Product Life-Cycle approach to Perkins engine distribution,” said Kelly Grencer, our Senior Director of Aftersales Support.

Improving Parts Availability

A significant portion of Perkins’ investment has been put toward making it easier to get genuine Perkins parts. The company has improved its distribution network in part by opening a new warehouse in Kentucky to serve North America.

A new retail inventory management system is being implemented to help distributors like Perkins Pacific maintain a parts inventory that best helps our customers.

Digital Tools to Enhance Engine Management

The Perkins My Engine App is a great example of digital tools that allow owners to better track the performance of their engines. Engine service reminders and parts information are just a few of the data points the app provide to owners. These tools help maintain an engine’s performance level.

Perkins Pacific Aftersales Value

The enhancement of Perkins’ aftersales offerings bolsters our own efforts in this area. We take those improvements and inject them into our strategy that creates a tighter bond between us and our dealer network.

Our aftermarket focus is on providing support and tools to those dealers to better serve their customers. We do this by giving technicians at the dealer locations direct access to application engineers and technical support engineers to assist in servicing engines.

We’ve developed a warranty management program to help dealers handle warranty claims faster and more efficiently to get their customers’ machine back into the field.

Our remanufactured engine program gives our customers and dealers a great option when it comes to repowering a machine. The exhaustive process we use ensures a quality product at a great value.

“The increased emphasis by Perkins on its aftersales offerings is a big boost to our program,” Grencer said. “This really helps us and our dealer network ensure that we’re giving our customers the best service possible.”