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Perkins Innovation Enhances Engine Maintenance

Perkins launched its My Engine App confident that it could be a critical tool for fleet managers and engine owners to more easily track engine data and access critical parts information. They couldn’t have been more correct as evidenced by the more than 100,000 downloads of the free app already recorded.

Perkins clearly identified and developed a need took for engine owners. The core functions of the My Engine App let owners:

  • Access a complete parts book for their engine
  • Browse through their engine’s operation and maintenance manual
  • Find a list of commonly-used consumables

This reference information takes the guesswork out of ordering critical parts and replacement materials. But Perkins isn’t resting on its laurels.

Constant Upgrades

Perkins isn’t content with the My Engine App’s first iteration. It launched a major upgrade to include the following features:

  • Improved visualization, including a countdown to the next service
  • The ability to view multiple engine locations on a single map
  • A counter that tracks engine starts per hour
  • An improved link to Perkins distributors

Perkins also continues to add more languages to the app, increasing its influence around the globe.

More Than a Reference

The My Engine App is much more than a link to reference material. It’s a management tool that lets you track critical information for multiple engines, making it perfect for fleet managers and others who oversee multiple machines.

Once an engine has been registered owners can quickly identify and order replacement parts, organize service needs and tap into other support features.

Perkins SmartCap

The My Engine App becomes even more powerful when you mate it with a Perkins SmartCap. This low-cost replacement for a standard oil filter cap uses telematics to send critical engine data directly to the app.

This device can record engine run time, location and provide timely service reminders. The technology enhances maintenance programs and allows easier tracking of an engine’s performance and needs.

The effectiveness of the SmartCap earned it an Edison gold award for innovation.

Multiplier Effect

The ability to implement such a valuable resource as the My Engine App and SmartCap and plug into our trusted dealer network allows engine owners to multiply the effect of the Perkins technology.

The more efficiently your Perkins engine works, the more profitable it will be for your business. You’ll be able to maximize a machine’s run time and ultimately lower the total cost of ownership. Download your My Engine App at Apple App store or Google Play now and take advantage of the Perkins innovation.