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Perkins® Awards Monarch Power Supply with Collaboration Award

Monarch Power Supply recently received a Collaboration Award from Perkins Engines. Several years ago, our application & OEM Supply Manager Barry Fitzthum, now retired, and the late Warren Pyle, Application & Installation Manager, of Monarch Power Supply (Perkins Pacific, at the time), and Luke Harvey and Charles Bates of Perkins Engines worked together to solve a major fuel system issue with the tier 3 engines, 1104D and 1106D.

After disassembling the engines, they were able to determine that they were mainly just mistimed and had nothing to do with the functionality of the pump. They worked together to find a quick and easy timing method fix. Warren created some drawings for it and wrote some wiring diagrams that Luke says are “much cleaner and better than anything Cat or Perkins has released for the engines.” Since then, Luke continued to use many of Warren’s diagrams, and he shared that Barry and Warren’s work with them saved thousands of technicians in time and effort.

In Luke’s words, this “long overdue award” reflects the great things that can occur when we work together with our manufacturing partners and solve problems, outside of sales and equipment development.

We are honored to receive this award and grateful the great work, skill, and service of Barry Fitzthum and Warren Pyle has been recognized.