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Newest Perkins Filter Line Prolongs the Life of Your Engine

The purpose of fuel and oil filters hasn’t changed since first being created – keeping debris away from the working parts of your engine. How each filter accomplishes that task is where manufacturers create differentiation.

Perkins took 15 years to produce its newest filter line, Ecoplus. The result of that engineering is a filter that is specifically designed for your Perkins engine and built using a system that helps the environment. The element-based design uses no metal can or center tube that requires disposal. Less material means less waste after use. Ecoplus filters can even be incinerated or recycled.

Filter’s Heart           

The filter in Ecoplus filters is created using a high quality, multi-layer media, which is affixed to a center tube made of nylon. The nylon material is stronger and cleaner than metal.

Acrylic beading separates each filter panel to prevent bunching. Spiral roving affixed to the filter’s exterior prevents media flex and maximizes the surface area to collect debris.

Urethane end caps are molded to the media to eliminate leaks. Greater stability maintains the surface area of the filter for maximum filtration efficiency.

Mystery Ingredients

Filters housed in traditional canister casing leaves you guessing about what’s inside. A non-Perkins filter could have 40 percent less media by using fewer folds. The absence of acrylic beading and spiral roving can create a distortion in the media that can lead to blocking and fuel starvation. Pressure then forces dirty fuel through the filter.

Rotten Core

The non-Perkins filter also doesn’t feature the molded caps. Instead, the ends are glued. But heat cycling can cause that glue to fracture, allowing fuel to bypass the filter.

The metal core is susceptible to bending and twisting with extreme pressure, resulting in media failure. Swarf from the metal center tube contaminates the fuel.

Bad Results

Each tiny failure risks damage to sensitive and expensive fuel injectors. That damage can increase fuel consumption and emissions and reduce the engine’s power.

Ecoplus filters create the opposite outcomes.

Oil Filter

The Ecoplus oil filter features an upright design and internal drain for a clean filter change. Robust bypass valve protects engine components like turbochargers.

Both Ecoplus filter models come with a 12-month warranty.