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New Perkins Engine Line Offers Expanded Power Range

The largest Perkins engine to date, with an expanded power range, is making its North American debut, giving customers not only a powerful engine, but one that features reduced installation and integration costs.

The Perkins 2000 series engine line was built on a storied pedigree that offers customers a long list of benefits including low fluid consumption that provides a lifetime of low cost. These engines are tailored to machines in the agriculture, industrial and construction industries and are available in 385hp to 800hp.

The engines were designed using information from cores with more than 60 million hours in the field. The 2000 series evolved from a platform where more than 73,000 engines were built and today has been installed in more than 550 applications.

The Nitty Gritty

To find the right engine to fit your needs, consider these specifications.

2206D-E13TA Tier 3 / 2206J-E13TA Tier 4 Final

Both of these six-cylinder, 12.5-liter direct injection engines produce between 385hp and 520hp with maximum torque between 1298Nm and 1634Nm.

2506D-E15TA Tier 3 / 2506J-E15TA Tier 4 Final

Both of these are six-cylinder, 15.2-liter direct injection engines.

The 2506D produces between 440hp and 580hp with maximum torque between 1484Nm and 2004Nm.

The 2506J produces between 475hp and 580hp with maximum torque between 1604Nm and 1958Nm.

2806D-E18TA Tier 3 / 2806J-E18TA Tier 4 Final

Both of these are six-cylinder, 18.1-liter direct injection engines that produce 575hp and 800hp.

The 2806D has a maximum torque between 1938Nm and 2697Nm.

The 2506J has a maximum torque between 1987Nm and 2699Nm.

Easy Installation

Perkins has made integration of the 2000 series engines into your machine as easy as possible by maintaining a commonality in engine design between emission tiers, which reduces design complexity.

Perkins has also simplified installation and reduced manufacturing costs by incorporating features such as engine mounted aftertreatment. This allows for the flexibility to tailor the Perkins engine to your machine.


The core design is based on previous models that ensure your Perkins engine is capable of performing in the toughest conditions. The aftertreatment systems designed by Perkins work throughout the whole cycle of the engine to support your machine’s productivity.

Affordable Option

Fuel and DEF consumption is low thanks to the engine design, which matches fluid needs with the operating cycle. Maintenance costs are kept at a minimum with 5,000-hour aftertreatment service intervals and 500-hour oil change intervals. Transparent regeneration of the aftertreatment provides minimum downtown.

Consult Your Engine Experts

We’re ready to answer any questions and help find the right 2000 series to fit your needs. Contact our sales team today and let us tailor a new engine for your machine.