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New Centrifugal Pump Meets Rental Demands

Pioneer Pump, a global manufacturer of centrifugal pumps, is helping rental companies meet the growing demand in the pump and power industries by offering a newly designed line of pumps that feature a more powerful engine.

Pioneer’s GL-3 10X8 and 12X12 centrifugal pumps are customizable, with the ability to choose control panels, trailer options and pump ends. Pioneer is seeing a strong response from rental companies, many of which have recently created specific locations or business units to focus on this growing market.

The American Rental Association projects equipment and event rental revenue will grow about 5 percent for each of the next three years, giving pump manufacturers the confidence to expand product lines to meet inventory buildup at rental yards.

Perkins Power Behind the Pump

Powering the pump is the new Perkins Tier 4F 1706J-E93TA  six-cylinder, turbocharged engine that delivers 415hp.

Pioneer Pump is the first OEM in North America to feature the new Perkins 1700 series in its machines. Working closely with Pioneer Pump, a long-time Perkins Pacific partner, was able to select an engine that fits exactly with the newly designed line of pumps.

“They had a long list of stringent specifications that needed to be met,” said Andy Machin, vice president of industrial development at Perkins Pacific. “The new 1700 series gave us the ability to find the engine that was going to meet Pioneer Pump’s needs and give their customers a great product.”

What to Consider

Pump specific centers at rental companies are helping their customers find the right machine to match the requirements of the job. Some of the things they are asking customers to consider are:

  • Liquid or solid – The consistency of liquid being moved is a big determiner of the pump type. Centrifugal pumps work better with liquid that is largely free of debris.
  • Depth – Diesel powered pumps generally only work when removing water that is 25 deep or less. Anything deeper will require a submersible pump.
  • Rate flow – Pump capacity will determine the power you’ll need to perform the job.

Increasing Market

The GL-3 is hitting the market at a time when rental companies are expanding inventories to meet increasing needs from customers. The American Rental Association forecast consistent growth in the next few years with total revenue hitting $59.6 billion by 2021. At the same time, revenue in the industry is expected to grow by 5.6 percent in 2019, driven in part by federal tax cuts.

Rental companies are expected to increase investments in equipment by 8.8 percent in 2019. The outlets are responding to the rising demand in part by creating industry-specific teams within the business to boost customer service.