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Launch Your Diesel Tech Career

Are you ready to start your diesel engine technician career? Meld your passion for engines and desire for a hands-on career by launching your future in a rewarding profession that can give you the lifestyle you want for yourself. Here’s a few tips to help you start training for a diesel engine tech career:

1) Make a Technician Program Shortlist  
Once you’ve decided to embark on this career path, it’s important to make sure you have the best education options for your needs and goals narrowed down. Research each program and look for reviews online when building your school shortlist. Spend time reading about their offerings online and if available, request more information from admissions representatives.

2) Get In Touch with School Representatives
Hopefully by now you’ll have a handful of programs in mind – which means it’s time to schedule meetings with admissions representatives. Some schools, such as UTI, have admissions advisors that will travel to you to discuss their school or program with you. If available, this is an important step to take that can help you determine the best program for your future.

3) Tour Your Top Picks
Now that you’ve really nailed down your shortlist, it’s important to tour each program to get a feel for the experience that you’ll have there. When touring your top diesel tech programs, ask about classes in your areas of interest, check out what equipment is available to train on, and most importantly see if the atmosphere is one you’ll enjoy and be able to learn in.

4) Apply to Your Top Schools
You’ve got your eyes on the prize and now it’s time to make it happen. Keep track of deadlines on a calendar and make a checklist for each application to make sure you get all the necessary documents in on time. Once you get into your top pick(s) it’s time to celebrate, but don’t forget to….

5) Complete Your FAFSA
After your program application, this is the second most important document to fill out. Without a Free Application for Federal Student Aid, you might miss out on scholarships, grants and other student aid. StudentAid.gov can give you some pointers on filling out the form properly and many schools offer assistance with this process.

6) Apply for Financial Aid
There are many sources of financial aid available to help make your diesel tech education a bit easier on your wallet. Most schools will have a financial aid department that can help you search and apply for scholarships and loans. One option to consider: our parent company, Pacific Power Group, offers the Dave ‘Diesel Dog’ Miller Sr. Memorial Scholarship which awards $1,500 – 2,500 for diesel tech students that demonstrate a passion for their career path.

7) Build Your Professional Network
Once you’ve started your diesel tech education, it’s important to continue growing your professional network. Get to know your local job market by talking with your instructors. Ask your school about job shadowing at a local business so that you can experience different work environments and see first-hand the day-to-day of different positions. They may also be able to connect you to businesses that offer internships or co-ops, which can help you gain experience (and earn $) while still in school. If you attend Clark College’s diesel technology program, we offer a co-op for current diesel tech students – Contact us today for more information.