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How to Protect Your Investment in a Perkins Engine

You’ve made the investment in a Perkins engine to get the optimal performance from your machine. To get the biggest return on that investment, it’s in your best interest to keep that engine well maintained.

It’s easy to brush off a routine maintenance schedule as a way to cut costs. That can be shortsighted and ultimately cost you much more if the engine suffers a significant failure.

Our factory-trained technicians have a few maintenance tips to help you save money and protect your engine.

Follow the Schedule

Your Perkins engine comes with a maintenance schedule for a reason. They are the experts and know exactly how to best keep the engine operating efficiently. The simple things like checking filters, sampling the oil and keeping the lubrication points greased all add up to big savings.

Dirt Be Gone

You don’t need to be a neat freak, but regularly removing dirt and debris from areas where it builds up, like radiators, is important. Dirt and damaged tools connected to a machine force the engine to work harder than necessary, which burns extra fuel and takes you longer to finish the job.

By taking a few minutes to remove dirt from areas like wheels, undercarriages and sprockets lighten the machine’s load.

Clean Fuel Only

The smallest impediments in fuel can cause major damage because the high-pressure common rail fuel systems are built to tolerances that are down to the micron level. The slightest contamination in fuel can result in unnecessary wear, which can cause fuel leakage, reduced power and increased emissions.

Ensuring that the engine’s fuel is clean allows for a better burn.

Pick the Correct Mode

Perkins engineers have developed multiple operating modes to optimize the performance of the engine and machine. Take the time to learn the operating features of each mode in order to select the correct one for various jobs.

Harness Technology

Telematics can give you real-time data on how your Perkins engines are operating as well as update you on pending maintenance needs. Even better, telematics doesn’t have to be expensive.

Utilizing the free My Engine App gives you multiple data points that you can access from your mobile phone or tablet. Get all the information you need to manage your engine all in the palm of your hand. It will also send you service reminders and keep your electronic service logs. Reduce your paperwork and improve productivity by downloading the free app.


If you’re in the market for a replacement engine, consider a remanufactured one restored by our factory-trained technicians. We use a meticulous process that thoroughly cleans the core and components. We examine and test for wear and replace any worn parts with Perkins factory parts.

We end the process by dyno testing the engine to ensure it performs to factory standards. The entire process provides customers with a great engine at an even better price.