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High-End Oilfield Equipment Manufacturer Picks Newest Perkins Engine

The newest Perkins engine to hit North America has already found a home in a Texas company’s custom line of equipment made for the oil industry. The single pump recirculating cement mixer Oilfield Equipment Sales is building will be powered by a Perkins 2206 engine.

The pump will be fitted onto a 2019 Mack tractor and will ultimately join the fleet of oilfield machines owned by General Production Services in Taft, California. It’s not the first time Oilfield Equipment Sales has turned to Perkins and Perkins Pacific to power one of its sought-after machines.

“The customer service is one of the main reasons that I keep coming back to Perkins,” said Brian Blanton, operations manager at Oilfield Equipment Sales. “They are good units that are backed by outstanding customer service.”

Reputation Built

Oilfield Equipment Sales was founded in 1991 as a manufacturer of cement pumps and bulk equipment. Its four employees worked out a single 3,200-square-foot shop in Gainesville, Texas, supporting three customers.

Today, Oilfield Equipment Sales has grown to a 13,200-square-foot plant that sits on 27 acres where it serves more than 50 companies.

Rick Staton, who works out of our Oklahoma City office, has worked with the company for years. He said the shop is known for manufacturing some of the best equipment in the business.

“They’re sticklers for perfection,” Staton said.

2000 Series Engine Line

The Perkins 2000 Series engine line was recently introduced in North America. It offers customers an expanded power range and is tailored for machines used in the agriculture, construction and industrial markets.

Blanton said one key selling point of the 12.5-liter, 475hp Perkins engine is that it meets Tier 4 Final emission standards. It also is easy to install and has a low cost of ownership, with oil changes coming at 500-hour run intervals.

Custom Design

Each machine Oilfield Equipment Sales builds is a custom-made piece. The pump for General Production is unique not only for the engine, but its configuration. Eighty-five percent of the units Blanton’s team builds are transported by trailers.

The current model that will be fitted to the Mack tractor will let crews get into small or tight locations where the unit will mix and pump cement to complete the well. The pour is done under high pressure and at a specific rate and density with a single triplex pump.

More Machines Planned

Blanton said his team is starting work on three more pumps for General Product Services, one of which is a double pump cementing trailer that features two triplex high-pressure pumps powered by two 630hp, Tier 4 Perkins engines. A third 170hp, Tier 4 engine will power the hydraulics and centrifugal pumps.

“We’re hearing from GPS that the units are performing as advertised,” Blanton said.