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Our Core Availability is Key to a Second Life

Your equipment serves you well. It works as hard as you do, or possibly harder. But, even with top maintenance, it will inevitably reach a point in its life where it needs more than basic service. Instead of setting it aside, your equipment can have a new life with a remanufactured Perkins engine.

We run the largest diesel engine reman program in North America

Perkins Pacific maintains a large inventory of engine cores ready to be remanufactured for your application, mostly of Perkins engines, but we can also assist with a few other brands, when requested. By maintaining a large core inventory, we offer better choice and quality for our customers.

Our remanufacturing process is backed by decades of experience and fine tuning. We follow a six-step process to provide reman engines at up to 50% cost savings over new engines, complete with a one-year warranty, reliability and technology you can trust.

Get back to work faster

Because our production capacity allows us to reman up to 10,000 engines each year, and because we have such a large inventory of engines, we can ship stock engines immediately, and non-stock engines typically within 72 hours. This means your down time decreases, and your equipment can more quickly be revived and put back into revenue-making production.


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